Our passion is driven with teamwork here at Roofing Solutions. Working together to get the job done right is our priority.

That includes our partners.

Whether you are a subcontractor, architect, a protégé under our mentorship program, or a start-up, we treat you as a true partner, working collaboratively with you to achieve a win-win relationship for all stakeholders.

Strategic partnership opportunities include:

  • Mentoring
  • Mentoring

    We at Roofing Solutions believe relationship building is at the core of our business strategy.

    Roofing Solutions is committed to mentoring small businesses, with a special emphasis on disadvantaged, minority- and women-owned enterprises. We view these businesses as our partners, and provide them with business opportunities and invaluable experience on larger, more complex jobs with a business incubating mind set for growth. Additionally, we train our small business partners in Roofing Solutions' business methodology, and emphasize success through team leadership.

    In many cases, our small business partners eventually become prosperous partnerships and successful standalone companies, which is perhaps the biggest indicator of our mentoring program's success.

  • Incubator & Joint Ventures
  • Incubator & Joint Ventures

    Roofing Solutions always strives to form lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners in order to facilitate stability and growth.

    We actively seek to develop entrepreneurs and small businesses in related fields of construction. By joining together and pooling resources, Roofing Solutions provides a platform that provides the required infrastructure, bid capacity, working capital, risk management and advice. We create a relationship that enables prosperous opportunities for emerging businesses that would otherwise be unavailable.

    As an incubator and joint venture partner, you will:

    • Benefit from our experience and expertise in construction, roofing and architectural panel industries
    • Bid on bigger, more complex projects
    • Pool your people, equipment and financing with our resources
    • Share bonding capacity
    • Expand your area of operation
    • Gain new expertise through our specialized knowledge
    • Share the risk

    If you have expertise on a construction field or have identified business opportunities in the construction industry, contact Roofing Solutions today for more information on any of our programs.

  • Architects & Engineers
  • Architects and Engineers

    At Roofing Solutions, we feel it is important to develop and maintain strong, productive partnerships with designers. Therefore, we seek out strategic partners whose expertise and experience mirror our own, and work together with those partners to provide owners with improved services.

    We feel there are many reasons to work with Roofing Solutions:

    • We offer a complementary roof detail, design, preparation and development to meet NRCA and SMACNA standards
    • We offer a complementary drawing, specification and detail review of your construction projects to minimize ambiguities between specifications and construction drawings
    • We do all of our shop drawing work with Autodesk's Revit® through BIM (Building Information Modeling) for a coordinated and consistent model-based approach
    • We offer a full spectrum of services, from planning to completion, facilitating every phase and facet of your roofing and architectural panel project
    • We have decades of experience, providing you with new opportunities to grow and expand
    • We work hand-in-hand with architects, engineers and design firms to increase cost efficiencies, overcome challenges, and deliver a superior level of service
    • We have earned and maintained our reputation for getting the job done on time and to the owner's complete satisfaction